Antioch Investment Properties – Try the Big Box Approach!

Antioch Investment Properties – Try the Big Box Approach!

Antioch Investment Properties are hot right now. A wise Investor of course looks for the Investment Property that is going to provide the maximum amount of Return on Investment. For most Real Estate Investors this has meant looking at the more economical and older Ranch Style homes and such – nothing wrong with these. I have helped investors by lots of homes like this. However, many Real Estate Investors have taken this approach and it is driving up the prices of those obvious Real Estate Investments and lowering the profits. Profits are still excellent – maybe just not as good as they were last year. Rents are up, mortgage rates are down, but prices on these properties are going up and they are harder to find. Most purchases involve multiple offers.

What is Big Box Real Estate Investing?

However, there is another way that might be as profitable it not more – I call it Big Box Real Estate Investing. I think there are profits to be made in Larger Homes. Antioch is filled with many excellent large homes that are going for very good prices. Many of these homes can get a Rate of Return and Cap Rate than the smaller homes. Your market for renters will be different. Instead of looking for Section 8 you will want higher end renters. There are plenty of renters that want and can afford to rent a high end home right now that cannot buy a home. Often people have been foreclosed on or had a Short Sale and still have the money to rent a nice Luxury Home. Sometimes they have given up their home as a strategic move – not due to any loss of income.

Why this works for Real Estate Investors!

But there is a bigger benefit to Big Box Real Estate Investing. I think the Large Luxury Homes are going to appreciate fast – very fast when the market recovers. Right now builders are going small – but with more people telecommuting and with the financial problems in this country we will see a growing number of multiple generation house holds, the big home will be in demand. I think there are opportunities for Big Box Real Estate Investing in other East Contra Costa County communities too like, Oakley, Brentwood, Discovery Bay, and Pittsburg. Home Point Real Estate is committed to working with Real Estate Investors. Get our Free Book of Real Estate Investing. For more info call 925-260-4321. Remember for Antioch Investment Properties – Try the Big Box Approach. [idx-listings city=”ANTIOCH” propertytypes=”211″ orderby=”DateAdded” orderdir=”DESC” count=”20″ showlargerphotos=”true”]

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