Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa pt 2

Continued from selling high priced homes in Contra Costa pt 1

But what happens when your home is one of those homes? It has upgrades and amenities that make it a far more attractive home than the others like it in the area, both those same models and other comps.  What if your home is truly better and needs to be priced that way? Well first off if I am a busy Realtor with Clients that have limited time I am only going to show what I believe are the best listings to my client. This is the challenge of Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County.  

One of the thing that I consider to be a good listing or one of the “best” that make the list is that it is priced right. If on the surface your home is not priced right showing it will not be a high priority. So what do you have to do to get your home shown? Well hopefully you are working with a great Listing Agent or Company like Home Point Real Estate. But what you need Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County is get them to understand that this is an exceptional property, and they need to realize this before they see it, or at least before they see the price.

Now I want to back up here and give sellers something to think about. When you put a high end upgrade in your home it will raise the value of your home, but more often than not it will not raise the value of your home enough to pay for the upgrade. If you put in a lot of upgrades do not do it with the thought of getting your money back or making a profit; do it for your own pleasure and enjoyment. The other thing to remember when Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County is sometimes you will have some nice upgrades that will not appeal to certain buyers; pools are not for everyone, maybe they don’t like brick work on the interior, or the charcoal guy does not care if you have a built in gas grill. So with this in mind you have eliminated some eligible buyers right off the bat. But how do we attract those buyers willing to pay for quality when Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County?

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