What can I rent an Antioch California Investment Property for?

What can I rent an Antioch California Investment Property for?

Antioch Investment Properties are popular Real Estate Investments in Contra Costa County because they offer a great rate of return on the investment.

The question Real Estate Investors always ask me is, “What Rent will I get?” Many factors with Investment Properties that effect What Will the Rents Be on an Investment Property. Most rentals do not go through the MLS and we do not have direct data on all the rents.

Several things to keep in Mind:

  1. Rent prices on the MLS tend to be less than what my Investor Clients get on their own Investment Properties.
  2. The Section 8 Coupon Rate will effect rental values even if you do not rent to Section 8. Right now it is about $1550.00 per month for a 3/2 and about $2150.00 per month for a 4/2.
  3. Several of my clients have targeted older 4/2 Ranch Style homes. They consistently get rents of $1,800.00 to $1,900.00 per month.

Although the MLS is not the best source for rental comps I did a comprehensive break down of every rental that was listed and rented from 1/1/11. This does provide some ideas on rent values. Here is the chart:

View Rents on Antioch Investment Properties by Catagory

The chart is broken down by bed/baths, ZIP Codes, Age, and Size. I tried to come up with a formula for rents that would work consistently for all the comps I was looking at. I could not, however the chart has some value.

Several things to keep in mind in regard to the Chart and variations in rent:

  1. Smaller Investment Properties rent for more per SF – the also sell for more per SF so they are not always the best investment.
  2. In general newer homes tend to be bigger this is why some newer homes rent for less on a SF Basis.
  3. The 94531 ZIP Code tend to be newer (and larger) homes therefore on a SF basis they tend to rent for less – in reality on average the homes rent for more.
  4. There are lots of issues we cannot discern from this chart – like condition of the home.
  5. My clients have done much better than these numbers – Ask me how they get tenants!

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