What does Summerset in Brentwood have to offer at the Club House and for recreation?

What does Summerset in Brentwood have to offer at the Club House and for recreation?

That was what the prospect asked me about Summerset. The answer is exciting for those thinking about Summerset!

There are four Summersets. Golf course wind in and out of all 4. There are 72 holes up there; The 9 holer was closed when they put in the new bypass.

The HOA does not cover Golf Course, but HOA’s are very reasonable as are the Green fees are. There are other Courses in nearby Antioch, Pittsburg, Bethel Island, and Discovery Bay; and lots more in the greater area.

Summerset 1-3 are Pulte Homes and the Club houses have a large multi purpose room for meetings, clubs, dinners, movies, and so on. They have kitchens, libraries, pools with hot tub, patio areas, Gyms, card rooms, and so on. There are Tennis courts, boccie courts, basketball courts, near by hiking and biking trails.

Summerset is as much about buying a lifestyle as it is buying a home. There are very small homes and very large luxury homes. All communities are gated. Each Summerset has a event planner/manager there during the week. There are all kinds of classes, clubs, trips, socials, etc. . . . People are very friendly and the 4 communities work together.

Summerset 4 is a Del Webb and is a little fancier with somewhat higher end homes. I think they are the only one with Billiards. However, it is basically the same type of amenities and is part of the over all Summerset Community.

The people are very friendly. The communities very close.

Please let me know if you have any more questions regarding the Summerset Communities by e-mail or give me a call at 925-260-4321.

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