What Would You Pay for a Real Estate Investing System?

What Would You Pay for a Real Estate Investing System?

I work with lots of Real Estate Investors and I have helped them all profit in real estate. However, several times a week I will get the call or the e-mail from a new investor. Some of them talk a good game but eventually it dawns on me that I am dealing with another Seminar Investor.

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These people often have purchased expensive Real Estate Investing Schools/Lessons/Programs that they have read about or seen on Television. Now every person claims their program is unique and teaches secrets for the inside crowd.

I am in California and one thing we study in school is the California Gold Rush. What I learned about the California Gold Rush is that the people who got rich were, generally speaking, not the Gold Miners; especially not the loan prospector. The ones that got rich were the ones selling things to the Gold Miners. Every hear or Levi’s or Wells Fargo? – These companies were built on the California Gold Rush. Just something to think about when someone tries to sell you a Real Estate Investing School/System/Program.

There are many approaches peddled, some border on unethical and illegal. Here are some common elements most if not all the programs have:

  • They charge you money and if you are foolish enough to buy them they will have some even better stuff to sell you to help you even more. They will always have something to sell you.
  • If per chance you realize the system is not working and want a refund based on the Money Back Guarantee you will be told you did not follow the system so you do not qualify for a refund.
  • There is nothing new in these programs. The concept of how real estate works is often simplified, or important factors are just left out. If someone really had a great system that worked this well the last thing they would do is tell others about it. Once others know about an approach it no longer works as well.
  • No one is making money off these systems, at least not as easily as they make it sound. (Although they sure make money selling the system.) Occasionally people do win the lottery and on occasion someone does make some money on one of these systems – but I would not plan my retirement around it happening. Money that is made is often not made as easily as it could have been without the “system”.
  • They discount the value of using a REALTOR. They often have “Plans” that bypass the use of an agent. They see the REALTOR as an expense that is not needed. Now I have several thoughts this:
    1) If you want to keep scamming people it is important to keep them away from people that will expose you. Good REALTORS and agents can point out problems with the program.
    2) As a REALTOR I do not charge you for my knowledge and experience until you actually purchase a property. In fact, generally as a buyer it does not cost you much, if anything, for my services. I only get paid when you succeed. (No you do not generally save money by cutting the agent out of the deal. Study after study shows this.)
    3) The cost of using an experienced REALTOR/Agent is a lot less than buying the System/Program/School or what ever they are selling.
    4) A REALTOR/Agent is licensed and a big part of the job is keeping buyers/sellers out of trouble with regulators and legal issues. Forms and disclosures are different for every state and even localities. Would you do your own Brain Surgery? Represent your self in court? So why not use an expert that really knows what they are doing for one of the biggest financial investments you will make.

Now just to prove what I am saying is true I provide a Real Estate Investing Book for Free. It contains a lot to think about and will help you to see investing in an entirely new light. The 2nd expanded book is being written now – but get this one now and I will let you know when the new book comes out.

Get the Free Book of Real Estate Investing.

Now one last thing. If you have bought into one of these investing systems or use one I would like to hear from you privately. I want to know about the system and your experience with it. If you think I am full of it and your system is great I want to know that too. E-mail me or give me a call at 925-260-4321.

And I am always available to work with new Investors or Home Buyers and Sellers.

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