Summerset Home Sales in review 2012 – Brentwood Ca

Summerset Home Sales in review 2012 – Brentwood Ca

Summerset Homes in Brentwood are the most popular Adult Living Community in Northern California; offering fine homes in a , low HOA dues, gated homes, golf, recreation, swimming, and much more. For those 55+ Summerset Communities are fine living.

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As most people know prices exploded in most Real Estate Markets around the country, including Summerset Homes in Brentwood. However, it is hard to evaluate Summerset Home price increases as sales are relatively few and there are so many different types of homes, in different prices, in the different Summerset Communities.

To get a good idea of the overall price direction I at first compared 2011 prices to the 2012 prices, although this showed some of the jump it did not really show the full impact of the jump in prices in the 2nd part of 2012.

The Average Home Price from 2011 to the Second half of 2012 Jumped 7.37% and the Median Price Jumped 8.77%, the average price per SF went up 4.84%.

Sales prices ranged from $187,000 to $450,000 in 2012. My impression is that more larger homes are starting to sell and this is the reason the average price per SF did not go up as much. Larger homes are cheaper on a SF basis.

I think prices in 2013 will continue up. Scarcity is the issue, small units are getting harder and harder to find. Right now there are only 4 homes on the market in Summerset Brentwood with an average price of $348,700.00.

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