Tips for Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County

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There are ways to do things when Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County.  First off most buyers and agents are going to see your home for the very first time on the internet. You may only have seconds to grab their attention, maybe the first thing they see is the price and keep the eye moving. So 5, 10, 15 or more pictures will not make a difference – You need one to grab the eye with a great picture. Now you want a lot more pictures once we can get them to stop and look, but that first picture is critical. Don’t forget the 2nd part of that equation, a great headline. Two to Five probably words at most. Use terms like Upgrades, Value, Luxury, Pool, Granite, Better, Stunning, Grand, Best, what ever works to get the attention of the viewer. That headline and the picture need to get them to click and take a longer look on line at the home. Then to go with the additional pictures you should have a great description that conveys why this home is so much better than others.

If you are really interested in Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County, to get the sort of pictures you want you should have a professional photographer take the shots. As for the ad copy the Realtor should do a first draft and then it should be reviewed a number of times by several different people to get it just right. You need to show people on line that your home is an exceptional value. Your home will be on a number of syndicated sites for sale. It should also have it’s own dedicated web site. The web site does not have to sell the home, it has to sell people on seeing the home, it needs to peak their curiosity. But I want to backup, there are other ways to draw peoples attention to the home, before they know the price. This is an Open House. People will often go into an Open House, not knowing the price or details of the home, in fact most the time they will not.

There are also what are called Broker Open Houses where agents tour all the different homes on the market. Your broker should make sure the home is own the tour.

Getting prospects through the door when Selling High Priced Homes in Contra Costa County is only the first step. Once they are through the door you need to sell them the home. So now we have them through the door but a house does not sell its self. It needs to be well staged, clean, order free, the heat/air needs to set at the right temperature, lights need to be on. When they come into this home they need to understand how special the home is. Everything about the home needs to reflect the extra value it has. For Information on Preparing Your Home for Sale contact Home Point Real Estate about Getting the Free Home Selling Book. One other thing. You will get a lot of people “just looking” based on curiosity. Don’t worry too much about it. Some of these people may decide they like your home enough to go ahead and buy it even though it is more than they planned to spend. Or they will tell their friends about it and word of mouth will help sell this fantastic property.

If you have questions call Home Point Real Estate at 925-260-4321 or Request a Home Evaluation.

Take a look at Contra Costa County Million Dollar Homes for Sale!

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Antioch Active Adult Community Home

Luxury Living for Active Adults (55+)






Mobile Home
Main Features
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
1 Unit
Interior: 1,536 sqft
93 Diana
Antioch, CA 94509

Eugene Riemenschneider Eugene Riemenschneider

(925) 260-4321


Listed by: Home Point Real Estate

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Discovery Bay VA Loans and FHA Home Mortgage Loan info

Discovery Bay VA Loans and FHA Home Mortgage Loan info for 2018 – California VA Lender & FHA Lender

>> Guest Post from Guest Author Brian Skaar,  Branch Manager with VanDyk Mortgage (NMLS 220268 / 3035)

VanDyk Mortgage is your source for VA Loans and FHA Loans in Discovery Bay.  We have been making FHA, VA, Conforming, and Jumbo loans since 1987.   VanDyk Mortgage is a Direct Lender.   We offer many loan programs for Discovery Bay Homebuyers and Discovery Bay Homeowners to Purchase and Refinance homes.

  • FHA & FHA Jumbo (aka High Balance)
  • VA & VA Jumbo (aka High Balance)
  • Conforming & Conforming Jumbo (aka High Balance or Super Conforming)
  • Jumbo Loans to $3m

>>Get Started now – Call Brian Skaar direct – 760-752-4480 or apply online at

Discovery Bay FHA Loans are available up to $679,650 with just 3.5% down payment.  The FHA 2018 Loan Limit for Discovery Bay is $679,650.  Discovery Bay FHA Loans that are over $453K up to $679,650 are called FHA Jumbo or FHA High Balance loans.

Discovery Bay VA Loans are available up to $679,650 with zero down payment.   The Discovery Bay VA Loan Limit for 2018 is $679,650.  However, Veterans are not limited to the Contra Costa county VA Loan limit of $679,650 for VA Loans.   We also offer VA Jumbo Loans up to $1.5 Million with the appropriate down payment or equity to reach the VA Guarantee requirements of 25%.   Here is one of our posts on how you can get a VanDyk Mortgage VA Loan over your county limit.   *** Great for Discovery Bay Deep Water Dock Homes!

Discovery Bay Conforming Loans are available up to $679,650. The Discovery Bay Conforming Jumbo Loans (aka Conforming High Balance, those over $453,100 and up to $679,650) require a minimum of 5% down payment or equity.

 Discovery Bay Home Loan information

FHA Home loans for Discovery Bay, California:

  • FHA Home Loans require just 3.5% down payment
  • FHA Jumbo Loans up to $679,650 (aka FHA High Balance)
  • The Seller can pay up to 6% of your closing and settlement costs.
  • Minimum score for most FHA Home Loans is just 620, even on FHA High balance or FHA Jumbo.
  • You can receive a gift of funds for your Down payment and closing costs from Family
  • FHA Condominium requirements include at least a 51% owner occupancy ratio, no outstanding lawsuits against the Homeowners Association – call for details.
  • FHA Loans allow non-occupying co-borrowers such as parents and siblings.

VA Home Loans for Discovery Bay, California:

  • Active Duty Military and Veterans can both qualify
  • 100% financing up to $679,650
  • A $1.25m Discovery Bay Home Purchase would only require a $142,588 down payment – 11.41% – .
  • VA Loans require no Mortgage Insurance
  • VA Loans do require a VAFF (VA Funding Fee), which is usually financed
  • Veterans with a 10% or higher VA disability pay no VA Funding fee
  • Sellers can pay up to 4% of the VA Buyers closing costs
  • Discovery Bay VA Loans are available to purchase or refinance Condominiums.  Here is more information on VA Condo Loans for Discovery Bay

Conforming Home Loans for Discovery Bay, California:

  •  Available up to $679,650 with the Conforming High Balance (aka conforming Jumbo)
  •  Discovery Bay Conforming loans available up to $453,100
  • Just 3% downpayment required up to $453K
  • Now available – NO Monthly PMI Loans up to $453K with 5% down payment
  • Conforming Jumbo Loans over $453K require a minimum of 5% downpayment or up to 95% LTV
  • Allow for condominiums, Second Homes, and investment properties
  • Call for details on Fico score requirements, downpayment requirements, etc

We offer Jumbo Conventional Loans up to $3m – call for details.  Please visit our post on Conforming vs Conventional to help explain the difference between these two terms, they are often misused in the media and web. VanDyk Mortgage has been making FHA loans since 1987. We are a HUD recognized Full Eagle FHA DE underwriter and FHA Direct Lender. We are also a VA Lender and VA Jumbo Lender.



Guest Post from Guest Author Brian Skaar,  Branch Manager with VanDyk Mortgage (NMLS 220268 / 3035)


>>Get Started now – Call Brian Skaar direct – 760-752-4480 or apply online at

VanDyk Mortgage is not affiliated with Homepoint Real Estate.

All information is subject to change without notice.

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Licensed by the Department of Financial Protection and Innovation under the California Residential Mortgage Lending Act

VanDyk Mortgage is a private company specializing in FHA & VA financing,  VanDyk Mortgage Corp is not a government agency.

310 Via Vera Cruz,  ste 211,  San Marcos, CA 92069  760-752-4480

NMLS ID:  3035 – VanDyk Mortgage Corp   NMLS ID  220268   Brian Skaar – Loan Originator

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